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What is a U-Shaped Kitchen?

  • by Joel Adepoju

The U Shaped Kitchen is also known as the Gulf or the Horseshoe kitchen, It is a kitchen design that features three connected walls that are filled with cabinets and appliances.

A - U shaped kitchen takes advantage of the wall spaces by adding cabinets and appliances. This kitchen design makes it easy for chefs to gain access to all corners of the kitchen with ease. They don’t have to hit their legs due to appliances obstruction. This design gives the homeowner a sense of control in the kitchen. 

If the layout of your home does not allow three walls to be used for a u-shaped kitchen, a kitchen island could suffice. The U-shaped kitchen can be installed in different kitchen styles, or sizes. Let’s just say the size of the kitchen isn’t really a thing when it comes to U-shaped kitchens. However, it is expedient you go for space if you could afford it. 

When you want to design your u-shaped kitche, try to place the most frequently used appliances or work areas into a single triangle of space. This would allow you to work more efficiently. 

Why You Should Choose A U-Shaped Kitchen

THe U-shaped Kitchen has so many advantages. Let’s take a look at five amazing benefits of incorporating this kitchen design in your home. 

  • The best use of a large room - If you have a large room and you are confused on the kitchen style to adopt, then embrace the u-shaped set up with all manner of enthusiasm. You simply have three walls and a space to play around while making the best meals.
  • THere are just enough surfaces for working and storing - Plates, accessories, and other kitchen appliances can be stored and everywhere would still look very neat. You don’t have to manage, there is enough space for that item you want to bring into the room. 
  • The use of existing electrical and plumbing systems and the position of exhaust hood ducting without the need for rearranging and spending so much money moving your items. 
  • A centrally positioned dining table favours the choice of even a large model. 
  • The right kitchen for a large family that offers ample spaces for working together and allowing a lot of people to move around at the same time.

Final words 

In conclusion, a U shaped kitchen is a perfect choice for different room sizes. If you are someone that enjoys cooking, then this is one of the kitchen design to adopt. It gives you the drive and control you need. Even a small kitchen can become a perfect place for cooking because of the amount of worktop space and storage a U-shaped kitchen provides. If you want to know more about different kitchen designs and layouts, we have written extensively on the four underrated kitchen designs that you could adopt in 2022 and beyond. Click here to access it NOW.


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