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3 Ways to Use a Kitchen Trolley In Your Home

  • by Joel Adepoju

A kitchen trolley is seen as a serving/food cart that can be used for storage. This trolley has wheels, or casters, on the bottom for a smooth movement in the home. 

Most people associate the kitchen trolleys to catering businesses alone which does makes sense because it makes transportation of food easy and efficient when catering to a large audience in events. However,  with the sizes of families getting bigger, there is need for a smooth movement of items within the home. For couples that have kids, a kitchen trolley is an essential element that could minimize imbalance. 

Trolleys that are most suitable for your home are usually two or three shelf leves and are not too tall. They can come in different colours, design, and form. 

A kitchen trolley has so many uses but for the sake of this particular article, we would be talking about three frequent use cases of the kitchen trolley. 

3 Uses for a Kitchen Trolley in Your Home


Oftentimes storage spaces can get cluttered if not organized properly. The advantage of having a food trolley in storage allows you to easily access what you need at any moment.

If you have children that are constantly switching their favorite toys, you can have their items organized in a trolley that features drawers or bins so they can easily pick which toy they’d like to play with for that day. Another place that would benefit from trolley storage would be the laundry room, multiple shelving allows you to store linens, detergent, irons and whatever else you need for laundry day.

Mobile mini bar/wine cart

The shelving is perfect for featuring your favorite types of alcohol, the bottles can be kept on top while your elegant glasses are easily reached on the bottom. Since the trolley will be mobile you can take your party from the dining room to anywhere else in the house.

This is perfect for a romantic dinner and a movie on your couch or even for a celebration with some friends. Tip: Make sure to get a cart with brakes so major spills are avoided.

Dinner hosting

There’s nothing more elegant and sophisticated than rolling in a delicious meal on a food trolley when hosting a large dinner or event in your home.

The accessible shelving makes it easier for you to serve your meal in style, instead of constantly making trips to the kitchen to grab cutlery and the food. You can store your food, dining ware and drinks all on one cart if it has the right features.

Final words

Your kitchen trolley is not only meant for kitchen related matters like food, drinks and the rest. You can also use it for keeping your books or any other valuables that can fit in. If you want to get quality kitchen trolleys, click here to shop now.

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