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Why you should own a kitchen island. The beginner's guide!

  • by Joel Adepoju

If you have ever heard of the word “Kitchen Island” and don’t know what it means, then you should read this...

“A kitchen island is a  piece of furniture with a worktop (= a flat surface on which food can be prepared) and cupboard space, that is placed in the middle of a kitchen”

Kitchen Island

People often times ask this question if kitchen Islands are outdated. As a matter of fact, some say it is old-fashioned and new ways of setting up the kitchen should emerge. They have forgotten the place of innovation in every sphere of life and the kitchen is not an exception. 

In a recent Houzz’s 2022 U.S. Kitchen Trends Study, results showed that Kitchen Islands are one of the most sought-after upgrades. It was recorded that over 57% of homeowners either add or upgrade an existing Kitchen Island. 

Now, here is the catch. If you are a great fan of having enough storage, functionality, and display, then you should consider having a kitchen island. This solves the storage problem and also beautifies the kitchen in between.

In this guide, you will see three key benefits of having a kitchen island in your home.

Let's go…

Three Benefits of Owning a Kitchen Island

1. An island compliments your cabinetry in terms of space

If your kitchen does not have enough space, a kitchen island can come true for you. You can store items in it while it still maintains its original purpose. Most islands have additional drawers, pull-out shelves, and cabinets. If you are also thinking of recycling bins, then the island can still come to your rescue. All you need to do is store your used items in one of the storage areas and pick anytime there is a need for them. With this, you are recycling without it affecting the structure and design of your kitchen.

Kitchen island with storage spaces

2. A happy place for kids

Have you seen movies where kids do come back from school and boom they go to the Island to grab snacks or they meet their parents at the kitchen preparing dinner and then everybody surrounds the island, eat, have a long chat, and then retires to bed?

Yeah, that is the goal. Kids are always happy to surround a particular object. It is their happy place. They can easily reach out for their lunch packs and all other items they decide to keep in the Kitchen Island. 


 Kitchen Island with kids surrounding it

3. Movable Kitchen Islands aid flexibility

Most times, you may need a floor space while at other moments, you are in need of an island to get the work done. The movable kitchen island gives you the flexibility of using an island when you need one and then putting it aside when you are done with your engagement.

For instance, your friends might come to the house to cook a huge meal either for a birthday party or an anniversary event. Each person can position at different angles of the kitchen when preparing the necessaries pending till when you all are done with the cooking. 


Final words 

We highly recommend Kitchen Islands to everyone that wants to elevate their kitchen designs and setup. You can never go wrong with an upgraded kitchen island. In a recent report, we exhaustively discussed “how to design and set up your kitchen like a pro.” Click here to register and download the report, NOW!

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