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Must-Have Kitchen Items For Newly Weds

  • by Joel Adepoju

Most newlywed couples find themselves in a web of confusion due to improper planning. Probably they feel the kitchen area of the home isn’t worth paying much attention to. The truth is you are no longer alone. Eating arrangement has to change and also the items used for cooking the food too. Friends and family would come to visit once in a while, the quantity of food will increase, quality and size of utensils are not left out either. 

Hence, in this article, we have highlighted some important kitchen items that Newlyweds should have. 

Kitchen Serving Trolley

A kitchen trolley is a serving cart that can also be used for storage. It comes with wheels which makes it easy to move around. It can be placed in the dining area or moved to other parts of the home.

Take a look at the above 4-tier kitchen serving trolley with a wine rack and glass holder. It has a storage space, easy to move, stable construction and easy to clean, a removable top tray that enables you to enjoy your weekend breakfast in bed, and raised edges to avoid scattering food debris over the bed. 

Another kitchen trolley that is mostly recommended to newlyweds is the kitchen trolley with lockable wheels. This serving trolley, made from high-quality wood and stainless steel, offers both storage and prep space but can also be used to transport your food or drinks to the table. 

Dining Table

A dining table for newlyweds isn’t luxury. It is a good place to bond and discuss how much you both are willing to put in the work to make the marriage work. Another reason why you need a dining table is this. Remember, you now have dual families. This simply means that your spouse’s friends and family would come around and sometimes, grab lunch or dinner in your home. A comfortable dining table set would do the magic.

You seriously don’t have to break the bank in order to make this happen. All you need is to look out for options that can meet the purpose for which you are getting the dining table. 

Let’s take a look at this Walnut Dining Table Set 150cm (4-6 seater). The beautiful thing about this dining table is that it is eco-friendly. If you a fan of woodwork, then this is just right for you especially if you don’t have the big budget to get that dream kitchen island.

The truth we just have to say….

There is no universal blueprint for what you must have in your kitchen. The choice of item is dependent on how you want your home to be. Our central focus is to present you with options, stating in detail why you need certain kitchen items and the benefits they would bring. 

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