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The Essentials Of A Bachelor’s Kitchen

  • by Joel Adepoju

Bachelors are humans too, they deserve to have a well-organized environment just before they decide to get married and expand their home. 

At Lavish Kitchen Isle. we’ve always talked about how you can set up your kitchen with a central focus on family houses. In this article, we have clearly stated the blueprint for kitchen decoration and structuring specifically for bachelors.

The truth is, anyone can copy these tips and implement them. We only had to make sure that bachelors are taken into consideration when it comes to kitchen setup and designs. 

Here are some tips that can help you as a bachelor get the most out of your kitchen setup.

Kitchen Space Maximization

This should be the first thing you are to think of. How can I maximize the available space?

We all know that most of the new apartments are rented or sold with no furnishing or they only have kitchen cupboards and a sink. In this case, you will have to come up with ideas on where to keep your items so that they would be reachable and pleasant to the eyes. 


In order for you to maximize your space efficiently, you must consider the kitchen items you use on a regular first. Some of the kitchen items men use are; a coffee machine, toasters, microwave, etc. If by any chance, the aforementioned is not your preference, do well to replace it. 

A Unique Differentiation Is Key

One of the major hacks to make your kitchen look so unique to the point where it becomes capable of making your soon-to-be girlfriend fall in love with you is how you set it up. In most bachelor’s apartments, the kitchen area is somewhat close to the living room without a door demarcating the space. So what you want to do is to paint the kitchen in a color contrasting with the living room. The difference will help the common space to look less wide, which at the same time will create a unique kitchen and living room.

Focus on the tools you need

Even if we all know that the storage area and color contrasts in the kitchen are a perfect decision to make, the tools needed to get the food ready should be taken into consideration. As men, we need only several definite items to cook a meal that can satiate our enormous appetite.

Pay attention to the knife, the grill, and the frying pan. You don’t need a full set of butcher knives, since you can manage with one or two — a large universal one and a smaller one for little pieces. Another helpful item that can be incorporated into your kitchen design and setup is the kitchen trolley. A kitchen trolley is a movable serving cart with layers for storage.  This would go a long way in terms of movement. 

There are so many things to consider while setting up a bachelor’s kitchen. If you would love to learn more tips and tricks, please subscribe to our newsletter here. 


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