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4 Things To Consider Before You Get That Kitchen Island (Part 2 finale)

  • by Joel Adepoju

Kitchen Islands are great for the home, most especially family houses. But if you don’t do your research before getting that island, you may end up acquiring what will, later on, become a monument. 

Last week, we talked about 3 things to consider before acquiring a kitchen island. However, there are more areas to look out for than just identifying the purpose at which you are getting the island, your kitchen size, and quality lighting as discussed earlier.

In this article, we have exhaustively documented the 4 most hidden facts your favourite stores won’t tell you.

Never forget plumbing

If it is your plan to use the kitchen island as the center point for food preparation, then incorporating a sink is non-negotiable. People who fall in this category end up regretting later. Don’t forget. Be cautious of it. This addition makes your kitchen design pop out.

Well, this is supposed to be a side note, but it is better we share it now. “Hire a plumber to help with the linkages and installation.” A standard sink or dishwasher has a vent and drain pipes hidden in the walls; installing them in islands is possible, but a little more difficult.

Measure your Appliances

The mistake you may not be able to recover from in a hurry is the one that “you forgot to measure your appliances before the kitchen island is built.” If you plan to include a stove or dishwasher in your island, then you must take cognizance of the sizes (dimensions). You have to carefully check all the corners to be sure that nothing would hinder the passage area or other appliances in the kitchen. 

In order for you not to gnash your teeth, our advice is that you keep a notepad prior to construction where you note all of these important points. This would help you tick all the boxes during the construction process. 

Consider the Garbage too, they matter!

A lot of people run from incorporating the thrash domain to their kitchen island, however, we think it is a smart move to make. The kitchen island you are about to get maybe big, so why not just utilize the spaces available? They will be useful when you want to store your recycling materials. 



Invite an experienced person 

The truth is, your idea may fail you. At some point, you might be making costly mistakes. Our advice is this; get an expert. He/she has been in the game of making kitchens look stunning long before you ever thought of renovating or setting up a new kitchen. They will point out certain things that you may be oblivious about. Besides, it is their job.

Remember, It is better to walk on the shoulder of someone that has gone through that route.

Final words!
There are so many areas to watch out for when trying to get a Kitchen Island. But the truth is, you will only get it right when you have a guide. Reach out to us via email, or leave a comment if you want to talk to someone about your renovation project. Don’t worry, it is FREE.


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