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#3 Things To Consider Before You Get That Kitchen Island

  • by Joel Adepoju

Getting a kitchen island is perfect because it helps you increase storage space, workspace, and all other benefits it brings like family bonding, a mini dining table, etc. While these features are a great reason for anyone to want to own an island, a lot of people make serious mistakes when trying to make a purchase decision.  In this guide, we have discussed in detail three vital areas you should pay attention to before getting that Kitchen Island. 

Think through the Island’s purpose

As we indicated above, Islands have different functions. Mr. A may want to use his Island for storage and cooking while Mr. B is looking at getting an island for prep station, decoration, serving, and washing up. 

Here is the catch…

The nature or size of the island these individuals purchase is dependent on the purpose of the Island and what they are looking for at that time. The big question is why do you need an Island?
When there is a “why”, it is easier to know the size of and the quality of the Island that will serve that purpose.

Don’t get it because others are getting it. Instead, get it because it needs to serve a purpose. 

Consider the size of your kitchen

The general rule is that you will need at least 42 to 48 inches (106.68 cm to 121.92 cm) of open space around your island.

 The truth is big Kitchen Islands are somewhat scary…

The statement above is relative. Your kitchen may be perfectly organized now but when a Kitchen Island is introduced, it will make your kitchen feel congested. This is one of the regular mistakes we make just because we are trying to take advantage of the spaces available for storing items.


Don’t forget that a kitchen island that looks big here, may be small somewhere else. If your kitchen is less than 14-15 feet, a kitchen Island should stay far from your plan.

Consider quality lighting

It is quite surprising to see so many people shy away from this aspect of the setup. If your kitchen island is placed in a location without a good lighting system, things may go wrong for those using it. Imagine chopping food without a well-light-up kitchen. That is a risk already.

A trio of pendant lights is an elegant way to boost illumination over a kitchen island. It pays off to make them dimmable if you’re eating on the island, too, because good lighting for cooking can feel painfully bright when you sit down to eat.


This is a two-part article…we are building the rest
These three points are just a stepping stone to what we are going to be unveiling next week. If you want to get pendant lighting for your kitchen then you have to consider these four things. 


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