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What makes a great kitchen…A simple guide

  • by Joel Adepoju

The kitchen area has so many purposes.

Funny enough some people think it is just meant to cook the most delicious meals and boom…off they go. Well, in some cases this may be totally different. A standard kitchen is often seen as a star “multitasker” as most people would call it. Today you may be sharing the best meal or snack while tomorrow, your kids are busy doing their homework in the
kitchen island area. Another time, that location may be the best place to discuss that project or business idea.

Now that you’ve seen how the kitchen works, let’s delve into the preliminaries of a great kitchen.

But first, Let’s talk about the basics. 

Your kitchen needs to appear and be structured for food preparation and cooking. Even a small kitchen, when properly arranged can give a newbie this sense of fulfillment. By arrangement, we mean you should create a work triangle between your refrigerator, sink, and cooktop. Also, provide adequate storage, a sizable surface for food preparation, etc.

Well, the above is a clear headstart, but that is not the purpose of this article. Our aim is to help you with some of the necessities that are needed to be taken cognizance of when trying to set up a kitchen. 

Ensure Connections to the outdoors

Great kitchens have great connections and access to outdoor dining and entertainment spaces. However, you must plan. Great things don’t happen by chance, remember? You must be deliberate in your approach.
Having multiple connections allows daylight to reach deeper into the kitchen.


Easy movement should be considered 

We suggest that you make it easy for people to move freely in the kitchen without bumping elbows. When there is space, people are more likely to stay in the kitchen with each other to bond while they prepare dinner. If possible, provide more than one access point as we indicated above. In this case, it is easy for people to come in from different corners of the apartment without struggling through a particular door because of the options at their disposal.

Incorporate a bright, open, and visually unobtrusive kitchen area

From a realistic perspective, it’s quite difficult to cook in a dark, and confined space. Also, you may not want to hang out there with friends and family due to the nature of the space. However, you should try to make your kitchen bright, open, and visually uncluttered. 




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