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4 Things to Consider When Selecting Pendant Light for your Kitchen

  • by Iyinoluwa Adegola

Pendant lights can make an impressive statement in your kitchen and home. These lights can completely change the look of your kitchen into a masterpiece but it is also possible to get it wrong and make your kitchen look absurd and cluttered. Hence , choosing the right pendant light is essential. They need to provide the required brightness that is safe for prepping and cooking as well as a perfect atmosphere for socialising and dining. Here four things to consider when selecting pendant light for your kitchen. Before deciding on what Pendant light to go for, you need to know your island size as well as your ceiling height. Once you have figured this out, then it is time to start shopping.

1. Height of the Pendant

The first thing to consider is the height of the pendant. This is important to ensure that they are not a hindrance to the view across your kitchen or the lights shine directly to your eyes while on your island or obstruct taller people while walking. However, if hung at the right level,it would provide the perfect amount of lighting for socialising or cooking. According to the industry experts, they recommend about 30-36 inches from the ceiling and if using multiple pedants, they should be about 12-18 inches apart.

Kitchen lighting

It is worth mentioning that kitchens with high ceilings, should have a lower hanging pendant lighting to delineate the space in your kitchen.

2. Size of the Lighting

Another essential element is the size of the lighting. Pendant lighting should not be limited to only large kitchens, but the overall size of the kitchen needs to be considered. It is crucial to make sure the size of the pendant is in proportionate to the size of your kitchen. If the lighting fixtures are too small, they might appear to vanish and not give your kitchen an impressive statement it deserves and if too big, they might make the kitchen look clustered.

Pendant light

A simple fix is for the addition of the dimension of your kitchen should equal the diameter of the pendant lighting collectively when spaced out evenly to ensure that it is suitable both practically and aesthetically.

3. Number of Lighting Fixtures

You might be wondering, how many lighting fixtures would be great for my kitchen? Well, some experts suggest using an odd number can bring a more balanced look to your room.

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They could be in rows of three or five. If deciding to go for a singular pendant, they should be hung in the middle of the surface area or your kitchen and make sure they do not look lost.

4. Lighting Brightness

Also, the ability to control the pendant lights to suit your mood. This means that you lower or raise the lighting as you deem fit for your mood but most importantly you can control the light’s temperature. For example, Pendant fittings with dimmer features can create a relaxing atmosphere for dining at night , a full brightness when either cooking or prepping or simply making a softer environment to enhance your mood.

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One last thing to consider is the warmth of the body of the pendant and the bulb emit. For a modern vintage style kitchen, a copper or glass pendant light would be a great choice. The glass pendant would blend easily with the kitchen and copper shades bring a warmth design. A warm light is perfect for most people.

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Bonus tip: You should properly think of the best location for your pendant before purchase i.e where to put the lights. The fixture should be located in an area where it would provide a spotlight effect and draw attention. For a design statement, you can choose a bundle of pendant lights that are conjoined as a singular centrepiece. They are best fitted on top of Kitchen islands where you can easily dine, cook and socialise. In the same way, if you have a dining area in your kitchen, they are also suitable for that purpose as it would enhance the mood for dinner parties.

Pendant lights are a great choice for making your kitchen beautiful. We provide different types of lighting that are suitable for various types of kitchens.


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