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10 Possible Ways to Organize your Kitchen Island

  • by Iyinoluwa Adegola

Maximising the space on your Kitchen Island is a big part but here are some smart and easy ways to carve out more storage space. When it seems like there is never enough storage space despite tons of cabinets and drawers, then it all comes down to how you store items. Learn the best kitchen storage organisation technique that will help you make most of your storage and create even more.

  1. Store utensils in a cutlery tray: Just as cutlery are kept separately in a tray, why not spoons, whisk, tongs spatula? This would declutter the utensils so you never have to look through a tangle tools to find the one needs
Cutlery tray

  1. Store bulk items in containers: Get organized with glass jars. Decant items such as pasta into visible containers to keep your Kitchen Island tidy.
Cork Lead-Free Glass Jar

  1. Use a countertop shelf to create more space on your Kitchen Island: Take advantage of that empty space on your island by placing risers on the surface. For better efficiency, double stack the countertop shelf. This will help keep items organised and create more space to store additional products.
Counter top Shelf

  1. Install hooks to hang mugs: Mugs are essential for drinking tea and coffee but they take up a lot of space and can sometimes look shabby. A quick tip is to install hooks under the shelf or purchase a mug holder to fit on top of your kitchen Island.
Mug holder

  1. Get a spice rack: All you need is a little space on your kitchen island and some spices -----> and poof. You would never lose sight of your spices again.
Spice rack

  1. Hang your glassware- This bartender’s solution stores your glassware in a fashionable manner. You can hang them on your kitchen island, underneath it or inside a hidden cabinet.
Wine glass holder

  1. Keep things in a basket or trays- Vegetables and fruits that cannot be stored away, should be kept in an orgainsed manner. Invest in some pretty wire baskets to keep the items on the counter uncluttered.

  1. Put a rotating rack on your kitchen Island:This is a practical way to store containers and maximise space and keep bottles and jars neatly organised. With the 360 degree rotation, you would never waste time hunting for misplaced spices again.
Rotating spice rack

  1. Mount your dish rack: Create more space on your counter by adding a wall-mounted dish rack for air-drying rather than on your Kitchen Island
Wall mounted dish rack

  1. Most importantly get rid of foodstuffs that have expired or are stale and deep clean cabinets regularly.

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