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5 Kitchen Essentials You Should Buy When equipping Your Kitchen

  • by Iyinoluwa Adegola

When we start our cooking journey, we could feel frustrated and confused as we begin to search for the best kitchen utensils, especially ideas for small spaces. An equipped Kitchen is very important in every home, either you are equipping your new home or existing kitchen. While there are tons of kitchen tools to buy, here is a list of five Kitchen essentials you should buy when equipping your kitchen.

kitchen knife, Lavish kitchen

  1. Chef’s Knife - Imagine chopping veggies without a knife… Hmmm, yup.. That's right. Knives are one of the most important tools in the kitchen as you cannot complete most meals without having to cut . I am not just talking about regular Chef Knives but Japanese Chef Knives. You might ask me why? Generally, Japanese knives are lighter, thinner and the steel used for the knives are harder which are able to hold an edge for a longer time than regular steels. They are not just coveted for the cuts they produce but also their beauty and detailed design. They could be a good addition to your kitchen tools and also enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Storage jar

  1. Storage containers- The use of storage jars whether small or large is a great and decorative way of storing items in your kitchen. They can be used to keep go-to snacks, frequently used foodstuffs and other small items to keep your countertop organised and not cluttered.

  1. Dish rack: Even if you have a dishwasher, oftentimes, you would still need to handwash certain items. A good quality dish rack is needed to place dishes and drain them. You can optimise your dish rack by choosing wall-mounted dish racks to create more space on your counter. This can also be used as a decorative means.

  1. Cutlery trays- Trays are a great tool to keep on your countertop organised by corralling all the items. They come in many styles, colours and materials, which makes them a great way to store up items in a decorative manner. They are an added advantage for the kitchen and living room designs.

Spice rack

5. Spice rack- The use of a spice rack is a practical way to store spices and maximise space and keep bottles and jars neatly organised. With the 360 degree rotation, you would never waste time hunting for misplaced spices again.


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