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4 Amazing Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island - Lavish Kitchen

  • by Iyinoluwa Adegola

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In a quest of Making your Kitchen Exquisite one of the first thing to consider is having a kitchen Island. There are many benefits of having a Kitchen Island which ranges from extra storage to a socializing space. The key question is “Do you have enough space to accommodate a Kitchen Island? Kitchen Islands may not always be the best solution for those who are lacking space or who do not need the extra worktop. Hence, the Kitchen Trolleys are also a great option. Kitchen Island does not have to be limited to just Indoors. Discover the 4 amazing benefits of having a great kitchen island and how they can be of valuable addition.

1.Storage and Surface Space:

An additional space seems essential to most people's needs. The decision between having a Kitchen Island vs a Kitchen Trolley (Kitchen Island with wheels) will depend mostly on the space available. However, depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, the kitchen Island can adapt to fit into the space for maximum value. The Kitchen Island provides more storage space and extra surface space in the Kitchen. The additional storage options underneath your Island serve as an extra cupboards to store equipment and declutter the worktop. The extra structure can be a home to additional sinks and other kitchen appliances such as wine racks, ovens, glass holders, utensil racks and many more.

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2. Atmosphere:

A Kitchen Island can add a sociable element to your kitchen. Most Islands have both a workspace and a leisure space, with bar stools for seating and lighting to brighten the atmosphere. Where activities take place, you need light, this means you need a dedicated lighting to come straight down onto the island. The Kitchen is oftentimes the central point where many families gather for meals or occasions which makes a Kitchen Island a focal point for this enjoyment both socially and practically. It is also a great place for children to feel engaged by learning how to cook, bake and do their homework.

3. Style:

Kitchen Islands have become a rising feature in many homes today and it is a great opportunity to add a unique touch to your Kitchen. The design, space and layout of the island brings further creativity when enhancing your Kitchen. It gives guests something eye-catching to focus on other than just a wall of cabinets. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, materials and customizable options to suit personal taste.

Kitchen island designs

4. Adds Value:

Kitchen Islands can increase the value to your home, not just financially but also the priceless value it offers in terms of the additional space. Islands can add a “wow factor” and improve the desirability of your kitchen. It brings about satisfaction and you might find value in the style and uniqueness it presents.

If you are looking for a Kitchen Island to enhance your kitchen, look no further as we have different stylish and functional ranges to suit your kitchen. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more or subscribe to our Newsletter for updates and information about new products and special offers.


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