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Before You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet, Please Read This...

  • by Joel Adepoju

Don’t Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets, UPGRADE THEM! 

Some people get attached to their properties and just wish something could be done to revive them. For instance, getting a new cabinet is not a bad deal, but sometimes one may just want to upgrade what they have without spending too much on re-organizing the space.

On this premise, we have unveiled few points you can employ that would give your kitchen cabinet a new look. Yes, you’ll think it’s new.

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Now, lets dive into the tips…

1. Add Colour:

It looks basic, but it works every time. This is by far the simplest way to renovate your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, a fresh paint would do the magic. Here are some of the things you should get; a sandpaper, paintbrush, paint (Your preferred colour. But we’ll suggest a bright shade), strong cleaner, etc. If you have these preliminary tools, then you are good to go. 

2. Try Pull-out Cabinet Shelves

The exterior design may not be affected, but you are sure going to maximize the use of your cabinet space. This little addition makes you feel your cabinets are brand new. You should try it out. 

3. Be Open minded and Creative

Nobody made the law that cabinets must have wooden closure. You can replace yours with a glass-fronted door. With this, you can see what is inside the cabinet without opening it. Another way is opening the doors of your cabinets completely. Well, it is subject to your taste and what you store in it. Feel free to try a different approach. 

4. Try Adding A Plate Rack

Most people don’t like to show off their plates. If you are not that showoff person, then this may not apply to you. For those that enjoy the view their plate stacking gives them, then they may want to install a plate rack underneath their kitchen cabinet. This will free up your storage space and as well create an exciting centerpiece for your kitchen.

5. Consider Attaching Task Lighting To Your Upgrade Plan

We wanted to make this particular point stand out because most people don’t see it as relevant. Task lighting isn’t just meant for kitchen islands or your cooking area. You can add it to your cabinets. Especially when you’ve installed a glass-fronted door. 

6. Change the worn-out part of the Kitchen cabinets

Replace the worn-out parts like the hinges, knobs, handles etc. You may even want to install a new handle design. This little design makes your cabinet look new and fresh for use. 

Final Thoughts:

There are so many ways you can use to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. The tips we shared above is not a universal blueprint. But atleast, it would take you into the preliminaries, then your creative mind should do the rest. In one of our previous articles, we exhaustively wrote about what makes a great kitchen. You may want to check it out for more ideas on how to set up your kitchen in full. 


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