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Redecorate Your Kitchen With This Simple & Beginner Friendly Tips.

  • by Joel Adepoju

Who does not want a visually appealing place? We all that wow expression strangers give when they get to interact with your kitchen. However, making your home look aesthetically inviting can be a herculean task. This may be because we naturally don’t have enough design sense which leads to us overdoing or underdoing. Hence, in this article, you will learn world-class decoration tips that can be employed to give your kitchen the wow effect it deserves. 

Don’t Hide Them Anymore, SHOW THEM!

Those little things you hide in the drawer could be a game changer for your kitchen. Start flaunting off items like serving boards, cutting boards, etc. They should be stacked beautifully against the counter wall. You can place a few plant pots on either side of the arranged items. To go a bit crazier, you can even throw some flowers on the arranged set and also add a scented candle to make the atmosphere inviting. 


Consider Plants For decoration

Plants help to oxygenate the home, give color, and contribute to decoration. The world of interior design does not have to be limited to the use of certain types of objects and furniture. It is also possible to use living things, which, obviously, must be taken care of. Small plant plots, preferably in pastel or uniform colors, contribute just the right amount of visual balance to your kitchen. Plants with trailing leaves look great on the kitchen shelves. A few pots on the counters and shelves cover the space perfectly. However, ensure you don’t overdo, so that you won’t end up having a mini garden instead of a kitchen. 

Choosing A Colour Scheme For Your Kitchen Won’t Be A Bad Idea

There are colors that do not go with the kitchen, you should do your research and try to avoid them. You can’t just add colors to your kitchen when it is not a commercial Barbeque business space. We would suggest that you either go dark with earthly tones or go light and pastels. Both are trending nowadays. You can even choose a striking color like red, as long as it is following a theme. 

Add Fruits To Your Decoration Plan

So, here is how it goes. You can place a bowl or a basket filled with fruits on the countertop area of your kitchen. You can group the fruits and vegetables according to size or color. Display them in transparent glass containers and mix and match them according to the criteria you've selected. For example, red apples and pomegranates can look nice together. Use a variety of clear containers


Final words…

These tips are basic. You don’t need to break a bank for them. For fruit decoration, we would advise that you watch the kind of fruit you flaunt. You don’t want to add a fruit that is close to getting spoilt. Most people make use of rubber fruits. However, the choice of fruit to use is dependent on you.

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