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Set Up Your Kitchen For Family Bonding With These Tips…

  • by Joel Adepoju

Currently, we are in a world where everything seems so disconnected. You would agree with us that digital technology is gradually reducing the bonding people do experience before. Zoom meetings have taken over alot of anticipated physical connections and even how we attend graduation ceremonies today. 

While the above is a great development, we can’t help but also highlight the negative effect this new system of engagement could have on the family. In times like this, there are homes that when spouses are back from work or whatever money making activity they engage in, social media would steal their attention from having deeper conversations.

Our focus is to take you back to one of the most undermined location in the home and that is the kitchen. 

Despite the noise in the world, quality family bonding can be orchestrated in the kitchen. But first you would have to set the kitchen space right. 

Check out the tips below… 


Kitchen Islands  is a strong connector in the kitchen. It is seen as a collaboration space where family gist can be so interesting as you help each other fast track the cooking process. The kitchen Island has different storage spaces, so you are covered when it comes to keeping frequently used kitchen items.


If your kitchen is small or you have a galley kitchen setup, we understand that it could be difficult to incorporate an island. The solution to this is that you should strive to setup stations in the kitchen where everyone can have their space. For instance, you could have stations for dish washing, cooking and even chopping so that your family/siblings don’t struggle for space or get in each other’s way.


If your kitchen is not properly lit up there is little to what you can do in that space. Now imagine the outcome when multiple people are in that dark kitchen with you. 


Don’t imagine anymore…

So here is the thing…If you have a small kitchen that doesn’t have enough windows or ventilation for natural lighting, it would be nice to incorporate a good lighting system. The goal is to make people come into that space and feel comfortable to the point that you would literally beg them to leave. 

One of the ways you can achieve this is to add under-cabinet lighting or task-lighting to your counter space. Most under-cabinet lights are hard wired  when installed in new homes or during kitchen remodels or renovation. Hence, we would suggest you get a model that doesn’t take time to set up. A plug and play kind of lighting model would be fine. 


No matter the set up and design you employ, quality family bonding wouldn’t be achieved unless you are deliberate about it. See this as a journey to connecting deeper with your family. So, own it!

Talk soon.


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