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Turn Up Your Holiday Kitchen With These Six Décor - Lavish Kitchen

  • by Iyinoluwa Adegola

When the holidays come around, the kitchen becomes the busiest room in a home, you undoubtedly spend more time in the kitchen before Christmas till after new year’s day. If decorating plans are not incorporated into your kitchen, you might feel a little out of the holiday spirit when you spend so much time in the Kitchen. During the holidays and always, the kitchen is the “heart of the home”. Here are the Six décor to turn up your Holiday Kitchen:


Modern Pendant Lighting

You can never go wrong with lights. Lighting provides the perfect opportunity to play with the design of your kitchen, why not choose dramatic lighting. Whether they are chandeliers, pendant lights, flush mount or cove lights, we got you covered. Strategically place the lights in a way that makes your kitchen have a distinctively visual impact.

Bar stools

Bar stools Lavish Kitchen

Bar Stools and chairs come really handy when it comes to decorating for holidays. They could be an upgrade to your kitchen or they can be adorned with the use of ribbons or wreath which adds some joviality and elegance to your kitchen.

Play with opened racks

Wall mounted spice rack, spice rack, spice shelf

The racks could include dish racks, spice racks, mug rack and so on. This would be a perfect place to display your holiday plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and platters. Not only will it look festive and beautiful, but it will allow easy access to the items when they are needed. You can always add items that bring personality to the room.

Go for a bar

Wall mounted wine rack, wine rack, shelf,

There is nothing quite like metallic to make your interiors pop. A wine fridge or wine rack is a sure fire way to add class and elegance to your kitchen. The wine racks are the new must-have in modern kitchen layouts, but you don’t have to have a brand new design to accommodate one – just look to a free space within your existing kitchen to have one installed. They could either be wall-mounted or freestanding racks. If you don’t have any space within your cabinetry, use empty wall space to build a rack where you can display your favourite bottles. If you entertain frequently, then designate a space (this could also be on a bar cart) for cocktail napkins, coaters, straws and so on.

Make it outdoor

BBQ table, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen Island, Pizza table

You can bring the holiday party outdoors with our Outdoor kitchen islands. Islands are a great way for you to socialise while grilling. Having to go back indoors because you forgot a plate or a glass can be a nightmare, with everything outside , you can enjoy cooking and socialising. Do not forget to keep yourself warm during the cold season.

Make available space

You do not have to re-do your whole kitchen to make a statement. From the storage basket above the sink to two-tier floating shelves, decanting items would make your kitchen look expensive during the holiday. Go as minimalist as you can on your work surfaces for an expensive look. Get rid of any paper, shopping lists, toys and recycling. If you have the cupboard space you could even clear away anything from the worktop and look for savvy kitchen appliance layout ideas, to store your toaster and kettle out of sight for a super slick finish


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